All orders that you place on our Website are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

When you place your order at the end of the online checkout process (when you click on the ‘buy now’ button), you will receive an automated acknowledgement by email. This email will set out the full details of your order, and the estimated delivery date, which will depend on whether we have your chosen items in stock, or if they need to be made to order.

Note that the sending of the acknowledgement email does not mean that your order has been accepted. We may need to get in touch with you to discuss your order, including the specifications you have selected, or any requests you have made in relation to the delivery of the items, or if there has been an issue with your payment method. Once your order has been finalised on our system, usually on the next business day after you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email, which confirms acceptance of your order and the estimated delivery date.

We will normally ask for payment in full (including delivery) at the time of placing the order for items that we have in stock. If your items are in stock, we will normally deliver them within 10 days of confirming the order, but may be able to expedite this delivery on request. Faster delivery may be subject to a surcharge depending on the delivery address.

If some or all of your order is out of stock, or the items you have requested are bespoke, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost (excluding delivery) at the time of placing the order. We will contact you when the goods are ready for delivery to arrange the payment of the balance and any delivery charges.

If we have part of your order in stock, we may deliver that part to you immediately. Even if we deliver items in more than one delivery, you will only be charged for one.

Full details of our delivery charges, and our delivery and refunds policy, are set out in the Terms and Conditions.

For all queries about the ordering or delivery process, please contact us at

For all enquiries relating to delivery or the possibility of collection, please contact us at or on 020 3488 2470.