Wineoak is a unique material and, like any wood, requires some care to keep it in top condition.

Unless stated otherwise, Wineoak products for indoor use are not normally lacquered or varnished. You should therefore avoid placing hot plates or cups directly on to the surface, or allowing moisture or condensation to remain on the wood for more than a few minutes. Either can leave marks or rings.

To keep your Wineoak product clean, it’s usually sufficient to remove food, spills or dust with a damp cloth, ensuring you remove excess moisture afterwards. Be careful if using a chemical cleaner or spray, as this may damage the finish of the wood. Always test a product on an inconspicuous area first.

Whatever the finish of your product, to keep the wood well nourished it’s a good idea to apply a furniture wax every couple of months or if the wood looks dry. We recommend Woodoc Deep Penetrating Furniture Wax – available from You can also use furniture oil, but the wax usually offers sufficient protection.

For our platters and kitchenware, it’s worth applying linseed oil from time to time to reduce the signs of wear and tear. However, a wipe with warm soapy water is sufficient to keep them clean. But don’t put them in the dishwasher.