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It all began with a wedding list.If, like us, you tend to look at them for the first time a couple of weeks before the wedding, you’ll be familiar with scrolling through the handful of remaining unpurchased items which fall into the categories of either “uninspiring” (duvet cover, intelligent waste recycling bin, watering cans, etc) or “massively overpriced” (the £100 toilet brush). Actually, the brush ticked both of those boxes.


In this case, the list at least gave us an idea for a present with a more personal touch. The bride and groom had included a wine rack, albeit one that was also both uninspiring and overpriced. Happily, we were in the Western Cape of South Africa at the time, just the kind of place that one might expect to find a nice wine rack.

Sure enough, we found just what we were looking for at Vinwood, whose factory in Stellenbosch makes furniture : wine racks and accessories that are made from reclaimed wine barrels, sourced from the many wineries in the area. And, whilst there, we fell in love with a dining room table, and some chairs and a coffee table and a couple of platters. And another wine rack. We still don’t have room for everything, but have a powerful incentive to upsize in the near future!


Few months later…

After just a few months of admiring our new purchases back in the UK, and noticing that there was nothing equivalent available here, we decided to set up Wineoak to give others the opportunity to get acquainted with the loveliness and quality of the furniture, wine rack and homeware ranges.

Furniture from reclaimed wine or whisky barrels is not a new phenomenon. But the beauty of the products we source from Vinwood is that they combine the unique features of the cooperage and wine-making processes (and in particular the toasting of the barrel staves and the wine stain left over from years of ageing red wines), with an extraordinary eye for design. Much barrel furniture self-evidently comes from a barrel. By contrast, ours incorporates the shapes, textures, colours and features of barrel staves with flair and subtlety. You and your guests will notice those features, but the story behind them is often only hinted at.

And that’s where the character comes from. Like all the best “upcycled” products, Wineoak’s combine the rich history of the raw material, some of which is almost a century old, with design and manufacturing excellence to make for a unique range of striking, timeless furniture and homeware.

We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

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